I want to learn everything about the Calendar component, is there any documentation on it?

We have a number of ideas on how we could make good use of calendars. Can someone point me to any tutorials, documentation, videos etc? thanks


The Community is your friend – try searching and review previous posts.  Here’s a few for starters:






Best of Skuiding,

Thanks Irvin.   

Hi Irvin & Rob, thanks for these links! I finally got around to working with the calendar and it’s pretty neat.

I’ve got one query about how the events are displayed - here’s a link to a screenshot highlighting the issue - http://content.cleancruising.com.au/images/skuid_calendar_view.png.

This is a dummy travel itinerary. On 7 August, the person checks out of The Warwick Hotel, takes a flight (in red) and commences their Trafalgar Tour. The times are all in proper chronological order, however the sequence is not being rendered correctly. It should display The Warwick Hotel at top, then the flight, then the tour at the bottom, ie from oldest to newest down each day. Events on the 17th and 19th are also out. It looks like the events are being displayed in Event Source order, not Date/time. Can Skuid look at updating the calendar component to allow events to be rendered in this order? Many thanks. 

The order of calendar events corresponds to the default order identified for the model.  If you don’t set an order - it will probably order by event sequence (or ID order).   But you can change this to Date/Time. 

Look at the Advanced Tab of the model properties.  Look for the “Fields to order records by” property.