I want to create a Quick save button

I want to create a quick save button, that will eliminate all the render conditions and validations

Is there any way to do this, like Javascript or VF button

Any suggestions??

Thanks in Advance.


You could create 2 table sets. One of them in “edit mode” by default and only rendered while editing. The other in “read only” mode, only rendered when everything is finished editing and saved.
To set it in edit mode, create a button “edit” which on click sets the new UI-only field, only stating “edit mode=true/false”.

Then create a button “quicksave” that only “saves changes in model: YourModelName” and create another button “save” that “saves changes in model: YourModelName” and “YourModelName: Update field edit”.


Linga, what do you mean by render conditions and validations?

Do you mean you want to deactivate all page render conditions so everything on the page renders?
And by validations do you mean Salesforce validations?