I want to be able to search for an account and then fill in fields on the page.

If a user were to search for an account, is it possible for the page to render fields and fill in the data? 


You could do this through a model condition and the search component. First, create an Account model on your page with a condition where the Id is a single specified value and the condition is filterable default on. Then, you could add a search component to your page. Under the search component properties, you could add Account as a return object, specify the fields you want returned (those will be used to fill in the data), and then add a select action to activate and set the model condition on your account model (and then query the account model). If you add a component to the page, for example a field editor, that looks to the account model, then once you’ve set all that up you should be able to select an account and the field editor would update and show that data.