I want that when a user log in then a skuid page opens and on that page a user is able to update his

A user first come and create a new contact. Then he log in and I want the same create Contact skuid page come with the data that he entered at the time of creating contacts and he will able to update his data. But I was facing the problem that while I was giving id in the URL no any data get visible in any of the field on the skuid page.
And I also want to know how to rerender buttons on the basis of Id in the URL.

I assume here that you have the data reliably connected so that there is a contact record for the currently running user.  In this case its a matter of building the appropriate condition on a contact model on your skuid page.  It will probably be something like show contacts where the UserId is the Id of the running user. 

Then you have to work things out so that on login the user is given this skuid page.  Make it a home page component,  or make the tab associated with this page be the default tab on login. 

And the second question.  You can conditionally render buttons based on URL parameters,  or you can use a condition to replicate the ID in a model and conditionally render the button based on whether there is data in the model. 

Please Tell me how to use “Wizard Component” in skuid pages to update a existing contact record.
The New Contacts are created by a skuid page which uses Wizard and having three steps to create a new Contact record.
Now I want that I can update created Contact Record by taking id from url and using the same three steps of wizard component.



I am having a site .I added my skuid page in it ,now I would like to know that is it possible to update Contact Object Records via my skuid page. 
For now when I open my skuid page on site all fields of contact object comes in output mode not in editable mode.
But if I run my skuid page in my salesforce org all fields come in editable mode.And I  am able to update data on these fields.