I want a pop-up to create a new model row, and delete that row (rollback) if user exits out of pop-u

I’m wondering if the following is possible:

I have a detail Education object/model with master as Contact object/model. The Education object/model will only have a few fields on it. Therefore, in order to create a new Education record/row, I think it is more UX friendly to create the new record/row in a pop-up window from my Contact Detail Page…rather than sending the user to a whole new page and then redirecting them back to Contact Detail page…just for them to fill out what may only be a couple of fields…so I think a pop-up would be the ideal UX for creating this new record.

I have currently done this by creating a green button on the Contact Detail Page (screenshot below; note the most recent record’s score is listed to the left)

That button runs two actions 1) creates a new row/record in Education model/object 2) opens this pop-up (screenshot below):

That all works great. However, I’ve noticed that if the user exits out of the pop-up before filling out the required fields, the row is still saved without any data…resulting in a blank score (screenshot below):

So…would it be possible to either

  • A) prevent the user from exiting out of the pop-up until all the fields are filled out…OR
  • B) rollback the row creation when the user exits the pop-up without completing all fields

Would love to hear any ideas. Thanks a million in advance!!!


Side note: I know this could be done through a Table Component, but I don’t want to display my data in a table. Instead, I only want to display data from the most recent record…so I limited the Education Model to 1 record and filtered by CreatedDate DESC.

The best way to achieve this would be to use Popup On-Close Actions — which will be run no matter how the user closes the popup. This capability is not available in the current release of Skuid, but it will be available in Banzai Update 7, which should come out within the next couple weeks.

Sounds good. I'll keep an eye out for those Popup On-Close Actions in a few weeks. Thanks Zach!

Banzai Update 7 is available now from the Skuid Releases page.

Awesome, thanks Ben! I’ll check it out and see how the on-close pop-up functionality works