I have workflows set up. The workflows will fire and update the opp record, but I cannot see those c

I have created an opportunity wizard, I have workflows set up to perform field updates when the record is saved. When I run the preview of the wizard, the workflows will fire and update the opp record, but I cannot see those changes in the wizard view, I have to go back to standard SF.

Are Revenue Information formula or rollup type fields?  Maybe you need to requery the model?

Estimated Value is the standard SF amount field that should update automatically based on the products selected. The others revenue fields are formulas. The fields in the left column are all text, updating via workflow. They update in the standard SF opp detail screen, but not in the wizard. 

Any field update action that occurs on the server will need a requery action to be shown in the skuid page.  Salesforce forces a page refresh (and restore from the server) on almost any field update,  so it looks automatic.  If you will make your save buttons mutli step actions - and add a requery action onto the end of the sequence - you will get what you are looking for. 

Success! Thanks!

Glad to hear it worked for you!  Keep up the good work…

ok I thought I had it working…but during testing I noticed it wasn’t querying info from the opportunity I was working on, but rather from one I created earlier. How do I ensure it queries the correct opportunity?

My guess is that you are requerying a different model than the one that is driving your wizard.  Do you have another model in the page that looks up different opportunities?  You need to requiery the right model.