I have a wizard that will not load at first, I have to refresh the page many times.

I am running Bespoke UX 9.3.4 and when I try to load the wizard or preview it the page does not load. I have to refresh the page sometimes many times to make the page load. When it loads it functions fine. In another Org I am running Bespoke UX 8.15.7 and I have the exact same page and I have no issues previewing or using the page. To me it feels like a bug. 

Hello Sierra, when the page fails to load, what does the browser’s console show? Can you share any error messages that you find there?

Above images is from the skuid page in the Bespoke UX 9.3.4.

Above image is from Bespoke UX 8.15.7. I copied the XML from the page in the new version and pasted in the one org with the older version. As you can see there errors are not there.

Are there any js snippets, or custom components that this page is using? Also, since updating your Skuid to version 9.3.4, have you updated your out-of-date themes? If not, we’d recommend that as a first step. 

Yes this page does use js snippets but no, it does not use custom components. We dont use custom themes on our pages just yet and I cant find instructions on how to update the Skuid standard themes. Can you give me instructions on how to do that. Thanks

From within the Skuid app, you can click the Theme tab next to Compose. Then toward the right, if the button “Update out of date themes” shows up, you can click that. It may not show if themes are up to date already.

Thank you for the information. I updated the themes which made no change to the page loading. It still will not load correctly.