I’d like to close a sliding panel 5 seconds after opening it....

Kind of like the “block UI and show message” function, I would like to open a sliding panel and then close it automatically after 5 seconds. Any ideas on how I could create an action to close topmost panel after a 5 second delay?

I have done something similar by calling a snippet that runs a delay and then calls an action sequence that contains the action to close the panel.

Hi Raymond!

Eoneil is right. You can have a setup similar to this where you have a snippet that runs a delay of however many seconds you want right after the sliding panel opens. You can then have an action to close the sliding panel after the snippet finishes running:


The suggestions in this post will help as the concept is similar: http://community.skuid.com/discussion/6839355/actions-trigger-event-delay-setting-auto-save-delay

Ha… that’s funny. That post you referenced was me asking the same question 5 years ago!

thanks everyone!