I am creating a Salesforce site using Skuid, when i try to preview the Visualforce page I get an err

Error Message “The name can only contain underscores and alphanumeric characters. It must begin with a letter and be unique, and must not include spaces, end with an underscore, or contain two consecutive underscores.”

The page only has 1 word, it is all letters so I am not sure why this is happening.

Visualforce code:


How do i fix this?

Hi Rhyannon,

I was able to reproduce the error message in my own test environment. The recommendations in this document helped me resolve it:


Specifically: These errors may be related to the action attribute in your Visualforce markup, especially if you’re working with actions other than tab and list.

Try replacing {!redirect}?page= with {!redirect}&page= or vice versa.

These issues relate to URL parameters and their temperamental punctuation. The ? and & characters are used to indicate variables that may be of use within a page.

The ? character must always be used for the first variable in a URL. Using the & character for a URL’s first variable will cause errors. You also cannot use ? after there is already another ? in the URL. This is why, depending on the Salesforce action you are overriding, you may need to swap a ? for an & or vice versa.