HTML not recognized in search box AGAIN

I asked this question a year ago. I have a HTML field that used to use the html when searching. I see html showing up in other areas of Skuid. This use to work in V1. Here is what the field looks like in v2.

Hey Bill,

Can you provide the link to the question so I can get more context on what is happening?

To clarify so, I know if I understand the issue correctly, are you trying to use the search bar to look for HTML pages?


The Member Reference field is a Rich Text Area(60000). I need this to see where Members have lived in the past. The orange “X” tells me they are no longer at address. The green “check” is where they actively living. each one is a link to the record for details.

Any progress on fixing this?

Hi Bill, we’re trying to reproduce the issue. So far we haven’t been able to add HTML to a rich text area field in Classic or in Lightning and have it display as expected.

  • Could you please let us know the Skuid version that’s currently installed?
  • How is the HTML in this field being generated? Is HTML being populated by an automation or formula or something? Or are you typing the HTML directly into the field in Salesforce or Skuid?
  • Are you able to create a new record to test and add HTML to this field in (1) Salesforce and (2) Skuid?