How to View Open and closed cases on page load in a table by default??

Hi, I have an issue with the conditions work and results filter based on the conditions. To explain clearly, On cases objects i have a skuid page which when loaded shows me all the cases (both open and closed) of all the users who are in case queue. Now I want to see the open and closed cases of only 5 users, not all the others in the queue. so i created a condition on owner name which filters the cases and shows only those 5 users cases. Now when this condition is running, i am only able to see active cases (i.e. only those cases which are opened or cases which are not closed) and no closed is displayed by default. Is there any way that i can see all the open and closed cases of these 5 users whenever i open the page by default?? Please help me if anyone knows how to solve the issue. Thanks.

You should see both open and closed unless you have a condition to not show closed. The other thing that comes to mind is that perhaps you have the maximum records on load set to 20 and the first 20 rows all happen to be open. Assuming you have checked to make sure you don’t have a condition on the model limiting the query to just not closed cases and assuming that you have the max number of rows upon page load set to a number large enough to contain both open and closed cases… I am out of ideas on this one…

Hi Avinash - yes, this is possible. Do you have another condition to hide closed cases? It sounds like it might be set to filterable default on. 

Can you post a screenshot of the conditions on your model? Have you confirmed that those users have closed cases that should be displayed?

I had several conditions and filters on the page (like cases by owner, cases by date, Cases by status, toggle filters for closed cases and open cases etc). I removed all the conditions and filters to test how the table loads with just the case owner condition. Now, everything worked fine. So now i built my page again accordingly and its work perfectly. Thank you very much Raymond and Matt.