How to use street address lookup in Skuid

I’m using the new Salesforce customer field address component and want to be able to use the address lookup feature on a Skuid page but I don’t see how that will work. Can someone please point me in the right direct?
The first line of the address component is the address lookup. If the address is found, it autofils the rest of the address (like the standard address field on the account page in a normal salesforce detail page).

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@Rob_Hatch Is this possible in Skuid? Seems like a basic thing, but I don’t see any references to it in the docs.

@TWyatt_Bluefin Sorry for the delay answering this question. Unfortunately it is not going to be easy to replicate this functionality in Skuid. Salesforce appears to have partnered with Google to incorporate the Place Autocomplete API into their address component. However they have not exposed hooks to expose this functionality within custom applications like Skuid. (Boo)

It would not be impossible to roll your own autocomplete lookup using the programatic place prediction, but we have never done it (to my knowledge). You would also have to bring your own Google API key to the process - which likely would cost money (Boo #2)

Sorry for a underwhelming answer here.

Thanks for getting back to me, even if it was all bad news. At least I know it’s not possible and I wasn’t just missing something.