How to Use Opportunity Teams

In standard Salesforce on an opportunity record you click “add” in the opportunity team related list section. You then assign: user, role, and access. I want to be able to do the same thing using Skuid. Can it be done? Thanks.

The Opportunity Team data can be accessed like any other related list.  You can follow this tutorial about adding related lists to your page:     
A few notes:  
- When you build your model to get at the Opportunity team data - look for the OpportunityTeamMember sObject. 
- It looks like skuid cannot update the Access value for the team member (or at least I have not been able to do so).  You can expose a Sharing button on a detail record,  but the team table in salesforce is very effective functionality (If Clunky UI).  I’m still digging on that problem. 

Let us know if you’ve had success. 



I had the same problem. I couldn’t change the access value either. I’ll probably go with another design solution. Thanks for the response though. 

Am I understanding correctly that Skuid cannot be used to add Opportunity Team members?

I believe you can add an opportunity team member to an opportunity detail record,  you just cannot adjust the access level value.  So if you have a simply “On / off” rule it might work,  but if you want to be able to control more granular access control - Salesforce has not exposed that functionality in a way that Skuid can use it.  (or at least that is what I’ve been able to reproduce…)  Sorry. 

Rob, is there any update on this? Have Salesforce fixed the underlying issue so Skuid can now allow edits to this field, or is it still a no-go?