How to use InsideView and ZoomInfo display on Skuid Account and Contact Detail

Has anyone found a way to use the InsideVIew and ZoomInfo services on Skuid account and Contact pages in Salesforce?

We currently use InsideView and ZoomInfo data services that are displayed on Company and Contact pages.  Is there a way to have that work in Skuid? Until I figure out how to access those services, I can’t migrate to use of Skuid detail pages for those objects . . .

InsideView and ZoomInfo search for companies or people in their respective databases based on information contained in the Salesforce record and returns results when they find a match. 

InsideView and ZoomInfo provides links/buttons we can click on to sync information from that found record with Salesforce . . . 

I searched online and could not find mention of either InsideView or ZoomInfo.

I’m hoping some Skuid fans out there have figured out how to get ZoomInfo and InsideView to work in Salesforce.

Thank you!

Hi Krista, when it comes to integration with other apps, there are different ways you can go.  

  • I did a quick search of Zoominfo and saw that they have 3 custom objects.  In Skuid, you can create models around those objects just like you would with standard objects.   
  • Buttons are more on a case by case basis; sometimes it’s easy to recreate them in Skuid (for example, creating a redirect button with the same url as the custom button/link url), other times it can be more tricky.
  • Sometimes (when all else fails and a redirect is undesirable) you can use an iframe to include another web page within a Skuid page. However, this doesn’t work with all urls, and I’m pretty sure doesn’t work with Visualforce or Salesforce pages any more.

I hope this helps at least give you an idea of the concepts and considerations at play when seeking to integrate other apps with Skuid.