how to use Contact Standard Button "New" in action framework?

So. Seems simple but I was surprised to not see Standard buttons on Action Framework. Why not? Especially if that button has a VF page override.

It would simplify having to update any places that do reference a skuid page and/or vf page to create a new record.

Otherwise left with managing non dynamic links to create new records via skuid “New Record” pages… Unless I’m missing something. Quite possible as I was up very late last night. :S

Pat, I’m not sure what you’re referring to — are you talking about Actions to take you to particular action pages for a given object, e.g. a “Create New Contact” action, “View Contact” action, “Edit Contact” action, etc. ? If so you can do these with a Redirect link in a “dynamic” fashion using the salesforce URL action schemes, which will take you to standard layouts if you do not have an override, or to Skuid Pages if you do have an override, without you having to “hardcode” anything:

Tab page: /{{KeyPrefix}}/o , e.g. /003/o for Contact tab
View page: /{{RecordId}} , e.g. /{{Id}} for Contact view page
Edit page: /{{RecordId}}/e , e.g. /{{Id}}/e for Contact edit page
New page: /{{KeyPrefix}}/e , e.g. /003/e for Contact new page

Didn’t know these URLs. That’s pretty awesome. I can imagine that a lot of skuid users don’t know this.

I know these seem obvious once learnt, but I’d say Tab and New pages ought to be actions where the only thing needed is to select the object.