How to use Additional Chart Types from Highcharts


Looking at highchart website i can see different type of charts no available in page builder and was wondering how hard/simple would it be to add & use those?

Example gauge:

Or maybe even those nice looking 3d charts:

If anyone has done anything similar please let me know details


Or these:

Has anyone something to update on this post?



Hi @Erik_Ponnert

  • , I polled the internal team on this and here's what I got:

    In v1

    You can accomplish this via a custom component

You could also linking out to a newer version of the HighCharts library (newer than the Skuid version) and call it using JS and a before render snippet, e.g. params.chart.type = ‘waterfall’; (Higcharts API documentation

  • is pretty robust)

For gant charts specifically,

  • is pretty cool

For v2 custom components… stay tuned

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any updates on this for v2?


Any updates on this for V2?

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Checking in on this @Anna_Wiersema @Rob_Hatch. Thanks!

Checking in on this @Anna_Wiersema @Rob_Hatch - when will get all the Highcharts in Skuid? :slight_smile:

Hi Matt, for Skuid v2, if you’d like to see additional chart components, the best thing to do is create post in the ideas category describing what you’d like to see and which chart types are most important to you, that way other users can vote for it and chime in with the charts they would use the most.

Update: For Skuid v1, the Javascript solution mentioned a few years ago is not supported. If you’d like additional chart types, you should purchases your own Highcharts license and use Javascript and a custom component to implement.