How to upload data into a Model-Object using Skuid UI?

  • Hello Fellow Skuidders,

    I am using Skuid for Salesforce. I have the below requirement. Can you please help to provide a Solution for this requirement.

    I want to upload an excel sheet with data into a Model Object using Skuid UI

  • From the Skuid UI, User must be able to fetch the file from their desktop and click Upload, upon which the data will be inserted / created in the Target Model-Object

Is this possible using Skuid UI.

Appreciate your help with this regard.

Thank you.

Hi Vishwas,

This is definitely possible with Skuid. You’ll want to use the File Upload component. Here are a couple of helpful links in github and docs.

Skuid SamplePages repository has an excellent example page with this functionality:

Skuid Docs - File Upload component:

Please let me know if additional questions.



This is awesome. Thank you Matthew. Really appreciate your help.