How to upgrade to 5.8

I am trying to deploy some code and am having a hard deploying some of the pages:
1.  pages/ – Error: The specified Package Version number does not exist for that Package: skuid, 5.21

Deploying using Ant & IDE.
However, I am deploying from an org that only has upto skuid v5.21 whereas the org I am deploying to has version 5.8.

My problem is that I don’t seem to figure out how to upgrade an org from 5.21 to 5.8.

Can anybody help me with that please?
Thank you

Its counterintutive,  but v5.8 is lower than v5.21.   We might better start numbering our versions  5.01  etc.

You can get 5.21 from  and install it on top of the 5.8 org.  It should bring things up to snuff.