How to update a table row columns after select a look up row from the popup?

I have a table and the entity is Interface_Bank
Now in the Interface_Bank has a lookup field and some more fields which is added as column in the table
So once i select the lookup field one popup opens up and i am able to select the row where the look up field is updating but other fields data not getting populated as per the selected row.
But right now once i selected the row from look up popup only the look up column of the table is updating and rest all fields not updating.

What i am looking for is once i selected one from from the look up pop up the complete row of the table needs to be updated.

Any suggestion.

I think I understand your question. Let’s say your lookup goes to the Account object. And in your table you want to show “Account Type” as well as the Account Lookup field. When you update the Account lookup field, you want the correct Account Type to populate in your table.

Well: First make sure Account.Type is a field selected in your model.

Then in your lookup field go to the search tab of properties, and look at the “Search Fields” subtab.

Identify the fields you want returned with your query. You probably don’t want to search on these fields, so unselect that option, but leave selected “Return Fields in query results” That’s the important one.