How to trigger a set of actions from multiple places?

I have a snippet plus a set of actions that I want to execute from multiple places on my page. Right now I have duplicated them as actions fired on multiple tabs in a tab set via each tab’s “Whenever Shown” properties. Is there a way that I can instead trigger a single set of the actions from the each tab’s properties? Maybe I need an action that calls a very simple snippet that calls a new button’s actions, and that button has a single set of the needed actions? I want to centralize all of the activity (so that changes can be made once) but I also don’t want to create any processing overhead, such as loading a fake model from the database (Salesforce) to make it work.

Yup. This does it.

In your snippet you would enter the name of the event into the following:

Thanks, I had forgotten about event publishing. Haven’t tried that yet for anything, but it looks like it is all code, so I’ll have to set aside some time to look into it.

Strange. Not sure what happened to the link I provided. This component allows you to setup action framework that could be called from a line of javascript or from another action.

How to here.