How to tokenize the new 'Search Box'

I love the new Search Box. It was an instant value add for my instance. I have two questions about it:

First, can I tokenize the search results?
Second, can I do a ‘if no results, create new’ option?

Thanks brains.

  1. The Search Box uses SOSL Search, so I would consult the SOSL Search syntax documentation for what you’re allowed to use within your searches:…

    2. Not currently. We’ve been thinking about adding this in a future release but there’s no way to do this right now.

Thanks Zach. 

For anyone who has this question down the road, you can get the tokenized search by using a wildcard ()

Search: Guys who are fun


  • Guys who are fun
  • Guys who are funny
  • Guys who think they are funny
  • Guys who are funky