How to Show Picklist Field Help Text As PopUp


We have a requirement to have lengthy characters for salesforce picklist field help text.  But salesforce as its character limit with help text.  We decided to show as pop up with larger text in skuid. 

Is there any idea to create help text as pop-up in skuid for a  picklist field.  

We have tried the following suggest, but its suits with template component.  But in our case, it is picklist, which could not show it as template, due to the following suggest doesn help.

Reference the link that we tried as suggested by @Rob Hatch for template. 

@Zach McElrath @Rob Hatch  - Any help would be great.

Do you want something like this?

@Moshe Karmel somewhat like, but popup instead of tool tip small text area.  popup will be having lengthy text area 

Zach showed how to trigger a popup from Javascript in this forum post:…

In your case the additional development would be creating a custom renderer on your picklist field that added some form of connection to the popup.  Maybe an icon or somthing beside the picklist values.  This icon would trigger the popup as per the post above.  The popup could have the help text hard coded,  or could merge data from some object based on the field value.  I’m sure you can figure that out…