How to show all Chatter feeds of Chatter Group in Community


We have a Community, and the homepage of this community will show all the Chatter Feed from a Chatter Group which belongs to this Community. Our Skuidpage currently uses the Chatter Feed component, along with the Chatter Feed Property (FeedType: News Feed running user), with this option it will show all the feeds are visibility to the current logged in as user. However, we want the Page to show all news feeds which are only posted to the Community Chatter Group. Is there any way to work with Chatter Feed Component of the Skuid page ?

We have tried this approach by including the VFP into the Template component then we used the iframe to load all the news feeds from Community Chatter Group. Unfortunately, we didn’t want to use this method to load all news feed from the Chatter Group. We still want to use Chatter Feed component of Skuid.

Please advise us how to achieve this idea by using the Chatter Feed component of Skuid. 

Thank you very much. 

Hello Charlotte,

In investigating this, I found that the only way I have seen this done is via the method you outlined. I was hoping to better understand if you were able to achieve this in standard Salesforce at all? In searching through their documentation and forums, I have only come across the method of leveraging iframes in this way to achieve this, but if you have another way that you could share that would be great!

Thank you,