How to share template between pages?

I’m sure this has been answered somewhere already, but I haven’t found it. What’s the best way to share a small snippet of HTML between lots of Skuid pages? A typical use case is a nav bar that’s reused across pages. I guess I just want a shared template component.

I’d probably refactor this snippet of HTML into a reusable custom component, and then include this custom component in a StaticResource that you include in all of your Skuid Pages by adding a JavaScript Resource of type “Static Resource”. So you’d have something like this in your Static Resource:

(function(skuid){ var $ = skuid.$; skuid.componentType.register( 'mystuff.navBar', function(element,xmlDefinition,component) { var content1 = $('').text('Ipsum lorum'); var searchBox = $('<input type="search">'); var content2 = $('').text('Amet sic'); element.addClass('my-nav-bar').append( content1,searchBox,content2 ); } ); })(skuid); 

Thanks Zach. That makes sense.