how to set filter default values - specifically date range in this use case

Can you convert this to an idea where filters can have default values?

Please this is a biggie! Also a way to have a Single Date not a start and End Date.

I will convert this to an idea. 

I think getting date range filters to display the date set in a “default on” condition will be more feasible than getting multipicklist fields to show values selected in other conditions. 

Thanks Rob.

Here it is. Dynamically setting the date range in a filter.

(function(skuid){ var $ = skuid.$; skuid.$(document.body).one('pageload',function(){ var taskTime = skuid.$M('TaskTime'), startDate = new Date(), endDate = new Date(), startDateOffset = -1, endDateOffset = 21; var tastTimeStartDateCond = taskTime.getConditionByName('Sync_Start'), tastTimeEndDateCond = taskTime.getConditionByName('Sync_End'); startDate.setDate(startDate.getDate() + startDateOffset); endDate.setDate(endDate.getDate() + endDateOffset); taskTime.setCondition(tastTimeStartDateCond,skuid.time.getSFDate(startDate)); taskTime.setCondition(tastTimeEndDateCond,skuid.time.getSFDate(endDate)); taskTime.activateCondition(tastTimeStartDateCond); taskTime.activateCondition(tastTimeEndDateCond); taskTime.updateData(); }); })(skuid);<br>

Pat Vachon rocks the house yet again!  Thanks for sharing your work.