how to select a particular record from table and display results in another tab

I would like to be able to ‘select’ a record from a table as shown in Pic 1 and have the results from that selection display as show in Pic 2-- but only the results from the selected record (right now I have a tab called Resume Results with the table displaying all records. I want the results of the record ‘selected’ from the Resume Results to display in the Resume tab). Can someone tell me how to do this?

Maybe I’m being daft. How is this different than showing a single detail record when you click on its name field in a summary list? You can use a template field to wrap the name field in an href tag and send it to a specific skuid page. The code would look somthing like ths <a href="/apex/skuid__ui?page=YourPageName&id={{{Id}}}>{{{NameField}}}

You can also do somthing similar as a row action on your table.

Tracy, Are you familiar with table drawers?  If not, they are almost as good as a Cafe Allonge and Chocolate Croissant!  This helps with the issue of swapping between tabs.  

Check out this tutorial:

Thanks , I’ll try this.

Thanks, I’ll try.