How to save multiple Table records in detail page

in my application page, in my model table i created multiple records. after clicking the save button,in my detail page i am able to see only one record.but i need to save the all the records.

edit page- in application page i have created 4 records(before saving)

detail page- in detail page i got only one record(after saving)

It would seem that either the other three records are causing errors while saving and so only one record is saved or your detail page has your model set to max records =1 which is common for a detail page, but that is not what you need in your use case.

i given max records =5 but it still showing one record

Do you have any conditions on your detail page that are not on your edit page? In your example, the first record has several mor fields filled in than the other three. Maybe try filling out all four records the same way and see if that changes the result?