how to Reuse a pop up

we have a pop up page and we want to use this on multiple places. same behavior as pop up page.I do not want to copy paste xml at every place to configure pop up. Is there a way like Redirect URL or includes that references a pop up page already built.


It sounds like page includes would be your best bet, although you’ll want to make sure that you name the models on your page include page uniquely so that none of their names match the names of models on the pages you’ll be putting the page include on.


Thank you @amy Dewaal. next question how do I pass Record Id to page. I have a table and I use row action to navigate to pop up page which use page include. all this works but I am not able to pass record Id in the

@Amy Dewaal: this is resolved. I was able to pass parameter. Like : leadid={{row.Id}}


Glad you got it figured out! A small tip - you shouldn’t actually have to specify {{row.Id}} but should be able to use just {{Id}} instead. Since your popup is called from a row action, it already has context and will pass the Id corresponding to the correct row