How to return more results from a calendar component?

Hello Skuidworld!

I am working with a calendar component where I’ve limited the number of initial records loaded by the model to cut on the long load time. My calendar is grouped, and I am expecting to be able to query more records nad have the calendar groups grow accordingly. However, unlike other components where you often see a ‘+ more records’ option, the calendar has none. I’ve tried to add a button to query more records and merge in with the existing, but it doesn’t change the number of attendees listed. If I add a table component to the page, the button to query more records works, but not on the calendar.

Is there a default data query taking place on the calendar that is overriding things, or is there another way to interact with the data to limit results at first, and allow users to add more?

Any direction is greatly appreciated!



Its fascinating coincidence that you raised this issue now. We had identified this issue with our calendar component. The component applies its own conditions to event data (so only the events in the date range displayed are queried). But it uses the row limit configured on the model, and currently there is nothing in the UI to load remaining records. So if your model limits rows to 20 and there are 30 events in June - you will only get the first 20 in your June Month calendar display.

In the upcoming Edinburgh Update 1 release we have added a fix to the calendar -where we automatically load any remaining records. An initial candidate for this release will be available later this week on It is scheduled to be released as GA later in June.

Let me know if you have questions about this.

Sounds good Rob! Thanks for the info, and I’ll keep an eye out for the available update.