How to render picklist in One place and update this selected value to backend?

I would like the following fields (Test__c, Test1__c, Test2__c) to be a numeric picklist. The idea is that I provide a place where they can enter possible values for the picklist. A KEY POINT is that we give them ONE place to enter possible values, and that ONE place applies to each of these fields. On the back-end, this picklist of values should then be converted to a number, because those are numbers in back end. I had thought of a way to do this using VisualForce. Is there something we can do to integrate that with SKUID potentially?

I’m thinking out loud here.  I think you could do this with the action framework. When the picklist field is updated you could pass its values to the other three fields on that model.  As long as the values in the picklist do not violate the number requirements, you should be able to pass them into the number field.  

Not sure I quite understand. But I think you’re saying that each of those fields should display to the user the same picklist of options, and that set of options should be editable in one place by (presumably) the system admin.

Why not create a custom object and make each of those fields a lookup to that object?

Thanks Rob. Can you provide some example for this? Because I don’t know exactly what I have do in action framework?

Thanks Glenn. No need for custom object do this. I need a custom pick list in one place and it will update to those three fields in back end. How to use custom settings for picklist in Skuid pages?

Is it possible?