How to remove hour labels from Calendar component?

Feel a little guilty posting this here - as I know it is just a simple CSS question… but I’d like to remove the hour labels from the left side of my week view calendar. 

We aren’t using the calendar to show actual times things are happening - just to show that things are happening for some portion of the day. 

What do I need to do with the CSS to just remove the hour labels? 

Thank you Skuiders!

Kaede.  Here are two CSS statements you can add to your page: 

/* hide the hour label */ td.nx-cal-week-hour-label { display: none; } /* set the row to 0 pixels wide */ th.nx-cal-week-corner { width: 0; }

Thanks, Rob!!

Things get kind of funky when I do that. I can’t put events in the Friday slot and the drag and drop gets generally confused. 

Well FOO. I’m sorry.  It looks like a simple CSS hack will not suffice. What you are trying to do doesn’t look like it is easily feasible. 

what about just changing the text to white so it doesn’t show up?

I did it!! yesss!

Good for you… 


What about removing the hour picker dropdown?

I think you should be able to find those divs and overwrite thier css with “Display:none;”   But as we saw before,  that isn’t always reliable…