How to refer the styles in SLDS

I want to use some of the slds styles to create a Activity Timeline,
at the moment I’m struggling to access the static resource and the styles in it.
Can someone advice me how to access and use the slds styles?

Thanks in Advance

Hi Hasantha,

What is the name of the static resource you want to access in the Skuid Page?
If the static resource is a ZIP-file you need to specify the path where the CSS-resources are located


Thanks David,
I managed to refer the css in the static resource and also I wanted to access the SVGs in it.

prior to access SVGs, it requires to include below line in the html"; mlns:xlink="">;

and then to access the SVG,


How did you manage to include the icon static resource into your page? and where did you add that html line for it to show up on your page?

How do you find out what that long number is after resource/ in the <use xlink: