How to present the validation error at the field, instead of the top of the page, per Salesforce set

The validation rule in Salesforce is configured to display the error with the field, but it renders at the top of the page in Skuid.  How can we get it to behave like Salesforce?  (PS - VERY new to Skuid)

Meryl,  we are very excited to have you guys on Skuid.  Welcome! 

Unfortunately - at this point,  the only place where errror messages about required fields, data validation, etc appear is at the top of the skuid page. We have not implemented these messages beside the fields - a-la-salesforce. 

Hi Rob,If i entered some text on phone field in Lead object so its show the error ‘’ Invalid Phone Number ! Phone number should not be less then 10 digits.’’ Can i change the error based on the conditions that ‘‘characters are not allowed’’ if user enters the text?