How to populate custom error message when the Data source is failed

I have a data source created using seperate URL Authentication for REST API.

When there is a failure in connecting APIs getting error as “[Data source name] failed, Please contact your administrator”.

But now i need to change this error message how can i do the same. Please suggest

Hey @kavyas ,

I want to clarify, do you have access to that endpoint that you are trying to connect to? Have you tried connecting to that endpoint using postman to make sure you can connect to that endpoint? Also, which endpoint are you trying to connect to exactly?

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Hi Germany3,

I have a access to API end point and I can able to connect through postman also.

I have a case when there is some server down then I will get 500 error code from API. In these cases from Skuid it will return an error " Please contact your administrator" in red colored banner. Instead of this generic error message i want to display some custom error.

Hey @kavyas ,

Thanks for clarifying that. the last question, is the API you have access to is SalesForce endpoint?


Hi @Germany ,

The API I have access is not salesforce end point we are connecting to other third party.


Hey @kavyas,

I just confirmed on my end, and you would still have to check with the third-party service to see if you can change the message on their end since Skuid does not return: Please contact your administrator as a custom label.

As of now, the only way you can do it, is by coding it in to change the return message.