How to over come heap size error while creating SKUID page???

Hi All,

We got heap size error while creating page,Here we need to work with 61 Models and 12 record type based on that record type we need to render appropriate field editor and tab sets.

below screen shows our page “Pagebuilder”.

we are following the suggestion given by Zach (

we are loaded only necessary models and fields.

please follow the screen shorts



Well,  61 models and 12 record types.  I’d expect heap size issues with that sort of volume. 

We’d reccomend breaking up your page (for better UX as well as better performance).  
- Use mutliple pages.
- Use multiple tabs, and use page includes to source the contents of the tab in a “lazy load” manner - so the data is only shown when needed by the user.  
- If you are conditionally rendering portions of the page - rework your page so that the data for the sections you intend to conditionally rendered is not queried on page load, but only when the action is taken that shows that section (Model action seqences that take effect on row update).


Hi Rob,

Thanks for your replay, We did it as you recommend thanks :slight_smile: