how to open skuid page always when using lightning experience

I have created some Skuid pages using the Lightning theme. When I preview the page using Salesforce’s Lightning experience, the page opens in aloha (traditional SFDC design although the Skuid page has the Lightning theme applied).  I want my Lightning designed Skuid pages to open in the Lightning design every time I choose this option. How do I accomplish this?

The Lightning experience imposes some interesting new limits and some new paradigms.  We are working hard to understand them and ensure that Skuid will work correctly within them.  For the time being it looks as though “preview” will not actually include the LX navigation and header.  The only way to see the full page is to actually do the VF page Override.  

We’d reccomend that you use page assignments and send other users to the standard layouts and give yourself the new page you are working on.  Then instead of using “Preview” you can just refresh the page in LX and see your awesome work.  (And yes - we know it will be awesome! )