How to merge the changes made on same page from two different Developer sandboxes instead of getting

I have two developer sandbox and both have same skuid pages but both are used by different teams A and B,whenever Team A has some changes in a particular list of pages and push it into ITG it works fine but Sometimes when Team B also has changes in the Same list of pages and push it to ITG,The already existing changes made by Team A are getting overridden.Is there any way to Merge the pages?

Hi There

If your two teams are both working on the same page in 2 different orgs there is no way of tracking the changes made by one team and then the other.
There is no way to merge the pages in a way that would automatically look for merge changes.


You can’t merge the Pages during a deployment to the server. However, with the help of Skuid CLI (, you can keep all of your Pages in a code repository (such as git).

By making changes within a shared repository, then deploying Pages from that repository, your engineers will be able to better coordinate with one another. You can take advantage of automatic conflict checks and merge tools which most repositories offer. You can also better track who last changed a Page and implement process controls around how and when changes are made.