How to just type date in date range table filter?

When using the Date Range Table Filter if I start to type a date in the filter box it automatically populates the box with the current date. This forces me to use the arrows to manually click to the desired month/year that I am wanting to filter by. Now this isn’t a major issue if the year I want to filter by is the current year but if I want to go back to say 2008 it can be a hassle to click that many times. Is this the way it is intended to work and if so is it possible to eventually let it allow you to type or click the dates you are wanting to filter by? Thanks, Michael

Michael, You’re right, when you click in the date field for a date range the calendar widget opens… but, you don’t have to use it. You can just type your date into the date field, even if the filter starts to work after you’ve typed a couple of numbers…just keep typing and when you’ve finished the date the filter will accept it and the calendar will “jump” to that date.

I am running into the same issue.  The date picker works fine if it is in a table view like KTyler has stated.  But like Michael, if you use the date picker for a “Date Range Table FILTER” the pop up is not working the same as it does in a normal table.  I believe the difference is, in a table Skuid does not need to perform any actions so it will sit forever even with one number typed in.  With the Table FILTER it is actively waiting to perform an action, i.e. filter the data.  To fix the behavior it would either need to delay firing the filter or wait until the correct number of characters have been entered into the field.  Or, I could be out in the night and just have a setting wrong but that is what I have observed.  Not a game changer, it just makes the UI not behave how you would think.

Rich - I’m not sure I understand the distinction you are describing.  We have some rough edges in Date Range Filters that need to be worked out.  The ability to reliably type in dates is one of them - it is our long list of improvements that we keep working through.  You are right - it is not a game changer, but it is annoying. 

The distinction was simply that the ability to type in the date works in some instances but not in others.  I have included the video to show what I was trying to say.

Ah yes… Again - this is a known issue…

This issue with the date range filter was corrected in the Summer 14 relelase.  You can now type directly in the text box for a date without the filter processing.   We have made some other aesthetic and usability related improvements to the date range filter with this release.  Hopefully improving your lives. 

Yes it was and the new feature is awesome!!  Functional and looks even better than before.  Thank you!