How to include task subject combo box

So, just launched a first round of Skuidified layouts with my Customer Success team. Yay!

Folks are really happy with the layouts but, of course, actual use is revealing some gaps that I hadn’t thought of during beta testing. 

One big gap is the absence of the combo box next to the task subject field. We leverage task subject heavily in our reporting and have trained our guys to rely on the combo box for data consistency. 

Is there any way to include this combo box on the page (or jerry-rig some similar functionality somehow?) 

This is bit of a stumbling block and I would love to fill the hole quickly to ensure smooth adoption with the team. 

Thanks for any help!

Salesforce uses a custom field type in this case that they do not make avaialble for use through the API etc.  We cannot reproduce exactly the behavior they have.  Sorry…

In some situations we have seen customers add the Type picklist field - which lets users indicate the basic category (what they would have selected in the subject drop down) and then use subject for additional clarification.   That may be a hack,  but it may be better than typing the word “Call” every time. 


Rob, thanks for the quick feedback. 

Just trying to think a bit out of the box here – my knowledge of the more javascripty stuff is sketchy but maybe you can tell me what you think of this solution: 

  • add a custom button of some kind that links to a pop up
  • In the pop up, include a new custom picklist field that contains our combo box subject line options 
  • when users select the right option from the picklist, some kind of snippet magic (?) closes the pop up and copies the value of the picklist immediately into the subject field
  • the user can then further modify the subject field as they ordinarily would
This would seem to replicate the basic functionality of the combo box although maybe it would be hard to position the custom button near the subject line field…but just brainstorming here. 

Let me know if you think something like this could work or any other thoughts are welcome! 

I do beleive this would work.  And better yet,  The action framework  “update field on row” item would allow you to move the data from the picklist field into your subject line. 

Getting a button to appear near the subject area that launched the popup will require some custom javascript.  There have been a few other forum posts about that idea. It can be done… 

I’d love to see the finished solution! 

Sweet! I will look up action framework “update field on row”…haven’t gotten to that tutorial yet. But great to know this is theoretically possible. 

With respect to getting a button to appear near the subject area, do you guys have a listing of third party Skuid developer contractors available for hourly work (or know where to find one) for a little job like that?

Or is this something any developer knowledgeable with javascript should be able to figure out? 

Just wondering if I makes sense to use my existing Salesforce developer to help with this or if I will loose too many cycles for him to figure out Skuid and should find someone already knowledgeable with the Skuid framework. 

We don’t yet have a listing of “approved third party devs”  but lots of the good ones hang out here and may throw hats in the ring as they wish. 

Having said that - Skuid is built on the base core technologies of contemporary web - JQuery, Javascript, CSS.  So if your dev is up to speed there - they will probably be able to take care of things pretty quickly. 

Appreciate all the support Rob.

I will definitely be working to get this done because the team needs it. I will happily post the solution back here once I (hopefully) have it in place for the benefit of this swell community. 

Rob thank you for introducing me to the glory that is the Skuid action framework. Now that I get it I am amazed how powerful it is to run multiple actions with a click. 

The other good news is we were able to recreate the subject lookup in skuid in a way that is pretty seamless! 

My developer is just fixing one or two little things then I will share what we did in a separate thread in case anyone else is interested. 

Glad to hear this good news. Justin.  Good to see you rocking and rolling…

We’d certainly like to see what you have developed.  Various others have asked about the subject picklist issue.  It would be good to have a recipie for that problem.