How to import skuid page xml into Eclipse?


We want to replace profile name in all skuid pages, wherever it is getting referred. 
In Eclipse we can create SF project and import Apex code, where we can search & replace code. 

Similarly how can we import all Skuid Page xml into Eclipse?


I haven’t tried it, but it sounds like wrapping up the pages as a skuid package (i.e. allowing skuid to create a static resource version of your pages) might work. Try it here:

A few ideas. 

1. Build a page pack of the pages you are interested in.  This becomes a static resource  JSON file.  You might be able to access that file in Eclipse for global search and replace…

2. Use the Skuid.Grunt tool and the Page API to send your pages to the source code tool of your choosing.  Manipulate the page records there.

Skuid pages are data.  So you could even use your favorite Data Loader tool to get everything and do your search and replace in a text editor.  Ugly.  Effective…

Why do I have the feeling that in a year from now I’ll say skuid introduced me to Grunt…