How to import data into SF using Skuid

Hello, we currently using informatica real time guides to import data into SF and I’m wondering if we can use Skuid instead. The current import process is:

1. User enters a booking ID which is inserted to remote database
2. Related passenger records are then inserted into SF, then replicated back to remote database
3. Related booking record is then inserted into SF, then replicated back to remote database

In broad terms, could the above be built out with Skuid? Is anyone familiar with a similar solution? Many thanks… 

Hi Dan, a couple of questions:

1. Is the booking ID generated by the remote database? (ie, booking id is generated, and the user then manually types/pastes that booking id into a salesforce booking record)

2. Where is the ‘user interaction’ here? I gather from what you’ve said that point 1 is where the user enters data, and points 2&3 are then automated - would that be correct?

Hi Greg, thanks for your reply here. I’ll try to clarify below:

The booking ID and associated data is generated from an external reservation system and downloads to a local database. The goal is to then retrieve that data into 2 separate SF objects, some data related to the booking, and some data relating to the passengers. The replication steps are to link the data back in our database. Users have access to the booking ID’s and would enter an ID to commence the data import process into SF.

Steps 2 and 3 would be automated and ideally just run each insert in sequence. Any help would be appreciated.

This is interesting.  

Skuid makes it possible to access the external associated data using a REST or Odata model.  That makes it itneresting. 

However,  some user interaction would be needed to move that data into the salesforce models.  Maybe a “confirm” button next to the line from the external data.  

This confirmation button could trigger an action sequence that would do the following: 

1. Create new rows in your passenger model,  passing data from the external data row. 
2. Create new roes in your booking model,  passing data from the external data row. 
3. Save both models. 
4. Update the external data with the ID’s from the newly saved records. 

If you want to do this on multiple rows you may have to go to javascript,  but I’m pretty sure you can be successful without having to go there. 

Hi Rob, we haven’t worked with your remote data connection feature yet but thought it could be part of the solution. What you’ve outlined would be much better than our current method.

It’s a bit more complex than what I described, but essentially users would only ever import one booking ID at a time, with up to 4 related passenger records.

Is there any documentation or examples of something similar I can start working through? Or does Skuid have a consulting team that we can engage to help build it out? cheers

Here is an overview of how to connect to external data source and build a model based on it. Looks like there will be more options in Rockaway.