How to Hide a Next step button on Wizard Component until save Button on the page layout is clicked.

Hi Community, Is there way to show the next step button on the wizard component only when i click save button on the layout. I want the next step button to show up only when i click the save button located below. This way we will be able to save this record first and then and only then we navigate to the next step. In the next step we have another lay out which has a set of fields of a Detail Object. The fields seen in this layout are related to master object. The ID generated in Step 2 will be used in step 3 . Can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks.

Something I have often done that makes for a really easy UX is to set render ‘Enable’ conditions so that the Next Step button only enables when all required fields are filled out (i.e. not null). Then build a Save action into your Next Step button. That way users don’t have to worry about clicking Save, then clicking Next.

I think you can also set a rendering condition to only display the button if there are NOT unsaved changes in the model.

Thanks Conlan ! It worked.

You could just also add additional actions to your ‘Next Step’ button that automatically save the record, depends on how you want the workflow to go.