How to get redirect merge fields in the (beta) mobile builder?

In the mobile builder lists a number of divs within a deck and I want to redirect and pass on parameters such as the Id from the record clicked. What are the merge codes to get these. What I want to do is start with a page where I list all active campaigns. When clicking one of the campaigns I want to redirect to a page with all campaign members for the clicked campaign. I can test this by hardcoding a merge field like /apex/skuid__UI?page=EventPlan2&cid={{$}} However I can’t find how to dynamically change the 2 to the record that got the tap. Maybe there is a better way of doing this by having two panels and reloading the Member model. Suggestions are very welcome.

Hi Peter, Any Mobile Components that you add inside of a Deck will be processed in the “Row” Merge Context, meaning that you will be able to use Row-level Merge variables within any Template / Title / Info Text components that are added to a Deck, much like you would be able to within a Skuid PageTitle or Template component. For instance, to get the Campaign’s Id, you would just use {{{Id}}} (we are using triple braces {{{, }}} so that Skuid does not try to wrap the Id in any HTML tags). So here is a working example, created using the “Object list / tab page” Mobile Template:

Thanks Zach.I realized that I could do this with a template witin the div and click. But I wondered if there was a way to do the same with a interaction on the div so that I could get the interaction to affect all fields in the div as well as be able to use other types as doubletab and swipe. But when I do this the {{Id}} merge is empty.

Currently no — probably the highest priority feature addition to Skuid Mobile is what you’re talking about: Interactions / Actions on Cards in the Deck component.