How to get PowerDialer telephone icons to show up next to Phone fields in my Skuid pages?

I have a Salesforce org that uses the PowerDialer for Salesforce application, and I also use Skuid. However, in my Skuid pages, the PowerDialer telephone icons aren’t showing up next to the Phone fields in my Skuid page. Can this be done?

Yes, this can be done — Skuid can be configured to show the PowerDialer telephone icons next to all Phone fields throughout your Skuid pages. To do this, simply add a new JavaScript Resource of type “Inline” to your Skuid page that includes the dialer, with this as the content:

;(function(skuid){ var $ = skuid.$, renderers = skuid.ui.fieldRenderers; renderers.PHONE = { read: function(field,value) { skuid.ui.fieldRenderers.TEXT[field.mode](field,value); field.element.append( $('').on('click',function(){ var tmp_phone = field.model.getFieldValue(field.row,,true); pd.dial(tmp_phone, pd.page_object_id); }) ); } }; skuid.snippet.registerSnippet('phonefield',function(field,value){ if (field.mode == 'read'),value); else renderers.TEXT.edit(field,value); }); })(skuid); 

If you’d like to reuse this functionality across all of your Skuid pages, you can add all of this JavaScript code into a StaticResource, and then include this StaticResource in all of your Skuid pages that need the PowerDialer functionality. BONUS: You can even use Skuid to make your FORMULA Fields that display Phone numbers show up with the PowerDialer telephone icons next to them — something that PowerDialer itself can’t do. Simply go to the Formula field in your Skuid page that you’d like to have displayed with a telephone icon next to it, and change its “Field Renderer” property to be “Custom”, then enter “phonefield” for the “Render Snippet”, then save your page, and you’re done!

Okay, so how do we do it with FastCall? How can we get the dialer on the sidebar to work?

Krista, we can probably help tie Skuid to FastCall — the best way to do this would be to do a web conference with you. If you email support at skuidify dot com, we’d love to setup a WebEx and help walk you through this.

Zach, on a similar tip, can we make Skuid work with the general CTI API’s? (And I am specifically speaking about CTI API calls available for Console only): TopicgetCallAttachedData() TopicgetCallObjectIds() TopiconCallBegin() TopiconCallEnd() TopicsendCTIMessage()

Hi, was this done on Fastcall, we’re implementing this and would like to use the click2dial?