How to format currency fields correctly?

In the standard Salesforce interface, we see our currency fields formatted like “123, kr.” which is what we want, but in the Skuid pages it’s “kr123”. Now I could make a custom renderer for those type of fields, but this seems like something that should carry over to Skuid (it doesn’t look like the correct format is bound to the standard layout). Does anyone have an idea of whether this format can and should be carried over?

Are you still experiencing this issue? Have you upgraded to our latest Brooklyn release?

There is new support for currency shortcuts in this release. Not sure if this will help your exact issue, though worth viewing in the new bits to see if your behavior is still occurring.

Currency field shortcuts in runtime

Skuid supports several new shortcuts when a user is updating currency fields. To use them:

  1. Click within a currency field.
  2. Begin typing the first few digits of a currency amount.
  3. Append the amount with one of the following shortcuts:

    K: Entering k will tell Skuid to interpret the number entered in thousands, appending three zeroes
    M: Entering m will tell Skuid to interpret the number entered in millions, appending six zeroes
    B: Entering b will tell Skuid to interpret the number entered in billions, appending nine zeroes

When you exit edit mode for that field or save the update to that record, you’ll see that Skuid has appended the appropriate number of zeroes. 

Cool trick, Don!