How to force users to save on edit

I feel I should know this, but cannot find the answer. How can I force users to save in my current mobile page? I want to force a save on a new record as I have an ‘After Save Action’ tied to it (page panel). Due to the After Save Action, I am unable to use a division ‘tap Interaction’ as it will create duplicate of my After Save Action. Hope that makes sense. Is there a way to force a save when the ‘Show Save/Cancel’ is enabled at the page panel level? Thanks!


Are you looking to do an automatic save? For instance, as soon as the button is enabled it saves?

TJBuice, as Amy is suggesting you can make the model save any time it’s edited.

Add an action on the model. Set the initiating event to model row updated. You can have this event filter for certain changes (in my example the account is changed), or it can be a catch-all (if any field is updated).

Set the action to save the model that initiated the change.