how to find the rows selected for deletion in a table.

I am overriding the skuid standard save button. So how can I find the row selected for deletion in a table. Is there a way to find the mode of the deleted rows? Once I find this, i believe  skuid.model.getModel(‘SalesCallModel’).save(); will take care of delete too, correct?

Thank you. That worked like a charm! 

Also, can we find the rows that are edited and newly created rows in the model?

Following up… is there an easy way to find all rows that have been edited and select those?

You can easily get a list of which rows in a Model that are edited, deleted, and/or newly-created using Skuid’s Model object API’s. Note: these categories are NOT mutually exclusive — for instance, rows that have been marked for deletion are considered “changed”, as are newly-created rows, but you can mix and match the appropriate API methods as needed.

Here are the key Model API methods that are relevant:

  • isRowChanged(row) — returns newly-created or edited rows, as well as rows marked for deletion
  • isRowNew(row) — returns newly-created rows that have never been saved to the server
  • isRowMarkedForDeletion(row) — returns rows that have been marked for deletion
There are other methods that may be useful, so see the Model object docs for more details.

var model = skuid.$M(‘SalesCallModel’);

var changedRows = model.getRows().filter(function(row){
    return model.isRowChanged(row);

var rowsMarkedForDeletion = model.getRows().filter(function(row){
    return model.isRowMarkedForDeletion(row);

var newlyCreatedRows = model.getRows().filter(function(row){
    return model.isRowNew(row);

var changedRowsExcludingRowsMarkedForDeletion = model.getRows().filter(function(row){
    return model.isRowChanged(row) && !model.isRowMarkedForDeletion(row);

Thanks… will have a go at deploying this )