How to filter for "My Records" on record owner field?

I’m creating a tab page for the Campaign object and would like to setup a filter on the Owner field so that one can look at My Campaigns in addition to All Campaigns. How does one setup a filter so that it chooses the right value based on the user in Squid?

Filtering by the owner ID so that the user sees all her records is one of the available options in the Condition builder. See the picture below showing the third step of the condition builder where we do this for our opportunities. You should also check out the tutorial on filtering tables at: Page Not Found — Skuid v15.1.6 Documentation While it doesn’t talk about filtering by the ID of the User who is viewing the record - it steps you through all the other parts of setting up a filter. Hope this works for you.

Hello Rob, Thanks for that pointers. I apologize in advance for being a newbie. Where I am getting stuck is putting the Filter on the Skuid page after setting up the Condition as you described. Unless I’m missing something, your Opportunity template doesn’t filter on Owner as an option, it just shows the user his/her own opportunities. I’d want that to be an option – not a locked in filter for another object in a tab page I’m creating for Campaigns. One difference is that I’ve set the Condition to “off by default” because I want everyone’s campaigns to load on the page as the default, but I’d like the filter to show the user My Campaigns as one value. I’d like the filter to show other active user names as other values. After saving the Condition, I am unable to map to Owner as a filter for the Skuid Tab Page – the condition Owner isn’t there to choose in the drop down in the “Model Condition to Affect” setting. Bottom line: what are the proper Field Operator Value and State choices for the Owner Model and what are the right Filter Type and Source choices/settings for the Filter on the page as described above? Thanks! Krista

Some basic debugging here, or we could walk it through on the phone. 1. Ensure the table of campaigns is pointing to the same model where you created the owner condition. 2. In order to get a list of all the owner values associated with campaigns, you may need to add a source to the filter (Its the little cargo truck by the Filter name). This source will be set to “rows in a Model” and point to another model called “OwnerData” that merely pulls in the name and ID of all owners.