How to drill in on charts

Using the Visualizations Charts how can I enable users to click the visualizations and drill in to the data or to another page, chart, table etc? When I click on a bar graph bar it highlights it Gray like its got some capabilities for this but I cannot find any configuration areas for this. Ideas?

Screen Shot attached!

The configuration options for drill through are found in …  an upcoming release.   (Cheesy Grin)

We know this is going to be needed in our visualizations,  but we just haven’t gotten there yet. 

Awesome, well at least it’s on the roadmap!


Is this a minor or major release thing?

Is it in an upcoming release that rhymes with Fanzai?  I thought I heard that it was, but I can’t find it…

Haven’t installed it in our sandbox yet, but it looks like the pre-release is up if you want to test the features they have up.

Thanks, Erik… I got it installed and have been playing for a bit, but don’t see HOW to do it, so I was wondering if I haven’t found it, or it didn’t make the release cut.

Yes it does ryhme with Fanzai. Doesn’t look like the doc has been updated yet. Josh said he’d update the doc later this afternoon.

Here is the quick answer.

  1. On each chart you can push “Add Drilldown” at top left to easily add underlying charts.

  1. Each series in the chart can also be extended with On Click actions. In the case below the “name” series is activating conditions and requerying models.

Note the syntax for getting the data values that are being used in the chart looks like this: {{rows.0.MyFieldName}}

The tutorial that explains how to build a Drilldown using Chart Sets and On-Click Actions has been published for Skuid fans and search engine bots to view and enjoy!

Also, the tutorial that provides a bit of information about On-Click Actions in general has been published.

Stay tuned for more use cases and detailed examples.