How to display Parent records with Child records in List view?

I am using accounts Records for  List view Action in My page. Using Skuid  List view , Is it possible to display child contact records in each account record?check my attachment for Accounts List view. At each end of the column, Is it possible to add all child contacts for each account records? Is it possible?

This is totally possible!  When you are setting up your model for Accounts data.  Look for the “Child Relationships” tab in the field properites. 

We have written a tutorial on doing this in the context of a Field Editor for detail pages - but the concept is exactly the same in our List View (Table component).  
Look here:

We’d love to see what you are building! 

Thanks Rob. Is this above link only working for detail account Record. I have tried in Table concept, its not working. Do you have any sample code or demo video for my reference?

Peter. The above link should totally work in a Table.

I’ve whipped up a realy quick page that does this. The xml is here:

Copy the XML from that file and then create a new page in your org and choose the “Paste XML” option at the bottom of the page. You’ll be up and running!